JAM with Alice

Guest: Sam Sylk

June 05, 2022
JAM with Alice
Guest: Sam Sylk
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Show Notes

Radio Personality; Host, The Sam Sylk Show
Author of two books, Is It Them or Is It Me? and Men Do What Women  Allow
Restaurant Owner;
Sam Sylk's Chicken & Fish has locations in Cleveland & Akron, Ohio, and Chicago, IL.

Check out Sam Sylk's new restaurant, Sam Sylk's Chicken And Fish Chicago, located on the Southside of Chicago at 857 W 115th St. You will enjoy EVERY BITE! You will!!  

The grand opening is on Juneteenth weekend! Fun, games, entertainment, and so much more will be happening. Come out and enjoy, and for every meal purchase a $1 will go towards Sam Sylk's coat drive.

Thanks go out to Lisa E Finkle for getting me this interview.

#dreams come #true never #giveup on you!

Twitter: @samsylkshow; Instagram: @samsylk and Facebook

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