JAM with Alice

Guest: Bernard Creamer

June 23, 2021 Season 2 Episode 2
JAM with Alice
Guest: Bernard Creamer
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Show Notes

I want to introduce Bernard Creamer. Mr. Creamer is an Educator of 25 years, Community Activist, Author, and Owner of status KNO apparel.

Mr. Creamer studied & graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. As a former school administrator and History teacher, he always stressed the importance of teaching Black children their History, culture, and ancestry to empower them. Through the teaching of History, he seeks to ensure that the information our young receive connects them to our ancestors, along with their values and accomplishments. The aim is for Black children to be inspired by the incredible achievements of people who look just like them.

Bernard Creamer’s first two published books, the ‘I AM’ collection, represents the griot tradition of passing down our stories to our children and making sure they know and embrace the greatness that preceded them to map a path forward.

His third published book, “Who Stole the Soul? The Weaponization of Hip Hop,” deals with the cooption, corporatization, and corruption of hip hop, per capitalism, along with the associated societal influences that have toxified the hip hop genre, hip hop meeting the same fate as other Black artistic creations of the past.

Additionally, Bernard is a member of the Clear the Airways Project along with Kwabena Rasuli. Clear the Airwaves raises awareness around negative messages promoted through mainstream media, especially mainstream hip hop. Clear the Airwaves also mounts campaigns to boycott the large corporations that sponsor advertising on the urban radio stations that target Black communities, specifically Black children, with negative propaganda.

In line with his community work, Bernard’s apparel line Status Kno platforms and promotes Black History, Black ancestry, and Black culture through its t-shirt and hoodie designs. Additionally, the status KNO brand seeks to help uplift, inspire and empower Black people through the pointed images and messages embedded into the clothing.

You can support and get more information about ‘status KNO’ by visiting the website at www.statuskno.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/statusKNO
Instagram: www.instagram.com/statusKNO
Twitter: www.twitter.com/statusKNO
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